Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 1028 -- Pine Island

In July, 2007, Jim and Tom took a bike tour through this part of the country. Here are Tom and his bike, standing in front of the road work in downtown Pine Island. Who are Jim and Tom, you ask? The page where I found the photo doesn't have many clues. I guess if you are reading it, you should know who they are. I do know that the page is hosted on the faculty server at Slippery Rock University, where Jim apparently teaches Geography, Geology, and Environmental Science.

I didn't try to push myself this morning. I did a quick 5K. The dreadmill at Snap Fitness actually has a "5K" program. I managed just under 10 minute miles, which is OK. We'll see if I have time to run tomorrow.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Small clues that are like loose threads on a sweater: The URL of the photo says that Jim=james.hathaway. From his faculty page at SRU, we learn that his friend's name is Tom MacDonald. From the index of the bike rides found on Jim's page, we find that Tom also goes by TMacD, which leads us directly to his home page if you do a search, where you can read his bio too, if you like. All from a picture and a URL.