Saturday, December 05, 2009

Days 1013 and 1014 -- Maple Grove

This is cool. Maple Grove, Minnesota, made CNNMoney's list of the top 100 small cities in America. They are number 41. Two of my former homes are on the list. Ann Arbor is number 27, and Madison is number 89. I don't know what their criteria are, but I liked Madison more than Ann Arbor. Both are very nice. As, I'm sure, is Maple Grove.

I went to Snap Fitness both of the last two days. I did five miles yesterday morning, and five more today at noon. I'm still not fond of the treadmill, but I'm getting used to it. The noon run was OK, because I could actually watch a football game. Try that running outside.

This morning, we went to see the local High School's production of "Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory." The first Little Jogger was on the backstage crew. She enjoyed it, but I think she'll be glad that it's over. She's had some late nights this week. Tonight, she's at a cast party. Charlie Bucket's father happens to be the principal of the High School, and the part is at their house. I think we can probably trust them to keep the party under control. And since they live right around the corner, the First can walk home when she gets tired.