Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 1019 -- St. Paul

I'm south of St. Paul, and heading south, but I thought I'd better stop in for another visit with Frank, the State Capitol Guy. I first met Frank in Trenton, NJ, back in January of 2006. I've visited him again in Harrisburg, Indianapolis, Topeka, Cheyenne, Denver (nearly), Salt Lake City, Sacramento, Salem, Helena (sort of), and Pierre. I want to point out that in the almost four years that I have known him, Frank has not added one single state capitol to his life list. I, on the other hand, have added eleven, at least virtually.

I had fun today. After church, I went to Snap Fitness. Each dreadmill there has its own private TV, so I watched the Packers/Bears game while getting in a long run. A long, long run. I ran from the middle of the first quarter till late in the fourth. In actual elapsed time, it was two hours, with a slight break halfway. It was fun. And the Packers won, so overall I'm pretty happy this afternoon. I should be grading, but I'm not. Which also makes me happy.