Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 1132 -- Marl Lake

I don't get a chance to do much trail running. There just aren't trails around here. I gather that it's a different experience. You have to concentrate more on the terrain. If I ever make it to central Michigan IRL, I'll definitely check for running trails. This photo of a trail near Marl Lake is from there.

This morning's run was a bit of an adventure. I slept in, planning to go to the gym. When I walked outside, it was barely raining at all, and I thought maybe I should just skip the gym and go for a run. But I was already mentally geared up for the gym, and I had my old shoes on with my running shoes in a bag, and I thought I'd just go ahead. What the heck!

I got to the gym, and it turns out the indoor track is closed. They closed on Tuesday of this week for construction. I knew it was coming. They've been working on an addition to the gym all year, and I knew they were going to have to close the track to work on it. I just didn't know it was this week.

So I stood in line for a minute or two, contemplating the treaded dreadmill, and then I decided to heck with that. So I went outside to run. At which point, the rain picked up. Oh, well, I don't seem to have melted.