Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 1138 -- Sterling

The Sterling Sportsmen's Associations has a six point mission statement on their front page:
1. To further and advance the cause of the environment and conservation in all its phases.
2. To eliminate pollution through education and action.
3. To encourage and promote the proper management of all natural resources, fish, game, minerals, air, water, forest and land in the State of Michigan.
4. Recognizing as a valid management tool, the harvesting, through legal means and use of surplus wildlife and other renewable resources.
5. To protect and defend the right of our citizens to own, keep and bear arms.
6. To inform and educate the public, especially the youth, in true sportsmanship, safe and proper use of firearms and archery equipment as prescribed by the State of Michigan and the National Rifle Association (N.R.A.)

I'm not going to argue with them. They're armed.

Yesterday, the weather was simply beautiful for a morning run. So I rolled over and went back to bed, and never got a chance to run later. This morning, it was spitting rain, but I knew I couldn't skip two days in a row, so I just ran. It wasn't too bad.

Speaking of weather, May 30 has just hove into view on the 10-day forecast. Partly cloudy, low of 59, high of 81. I hope that's wrong. More clouds, cooler weather would be preferred. Well, hoping it's cooler will have the exact same effect as hoping it's even hotter. It's gonna do what it's gonna do.