Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 1137 -- Alger

Alger, Michigan, is a little town on I-75 between West Branch and Sterling. I googled it, and I got this lovely picture of Wagner Falls, in Alger County. OK, one small problem. Alger isn't in Alger County, which is in the Upper Peninsula. Sue me.

I slept in this morning, then went for a run at noon. It was good, but hot. Well, hotter than I'm used to. Mid seventies isn't exactly blazing, but it was probably the warmest temperature I've run in all year. I was fine for five miles or so, but then I started to slow down. I should have toted a water bottle with me. I got pretty dehydrated.

I realize that it is quite likely to be in the mid seventies by the end of the marathon in Madison in eleven days. I just have to hope that I can handle it.