Monday, May 10, 2010


OK, I'm worried about the weather.

We've had a reasonably cool spring. Yesterday morning was just about perfect for a run. We actually got a bit of frost overnight. When I left the house at around 5:00 am, it was still in the low 30's. By the time I was finished, it was low 50's, at best.

So what am I going to do if the next three weeks usher in summer? It's hard enough to run in the heat, but it's twice as bad if you aren't acclimated. If May 30th dawns 68 degrees, and quickly heats up to the 90's, I'll be lucky to finish, never mind run a good time.

I guess I just have to find something to worry about!


John Romeo Alpha said...

The minister at my cousin's outdoor wedding faced a similar challenge: outdoor wedding, near the ocean, hottest day on record, 95% humidity, ug. And he was a big guy. Yet through the service he held up remarkably well, in spite of wearing one of those coarsely woven vestments that some Lutherans are fond of. Afterward, I asked him how he kept going when the rest of us were wilting. He pulled back the collar of his vestment to reveal a half-melted bag of ice hanging around his neck on a rope. Maybe you could try something like that. "The Ice Runner".