Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 1140 -- Pinconning (Update!)

This mouse, from The Cheese Shop in Pinconning, looks very familiar. His twin lived in a little town not far from here. His name was Igor. Don't believe me? Here's Igor:

OK, "twin" might have been an exaggeration. But they clearly have some of the same mouse genes. Last time I looked, Igor had retired, unless they were just getting him refurbished, and now he's back. Or perhaps they were painting him brown and shipping him to Pinconning.

Mother nature did me a favor this morning by helping me to acclimate to the heat. It was pushing 70 when I walked out the door at 6:00, and 10 miles later, I was pretty sweaty. But it's almost certainly going to be that warm by noon next Sunday, and I am certainly going to have run more than twice as far. So today, I officially changed my marathon goal from Personal Record (PR) to Don't Die (DD). If I get a DD, I'm going to be happy.

The forecast: Mostly sunny, low of 58, high of 78. A bit better than yesterday, but still not fun.

Mrs. Jogger tells me that when she drove by the other day, Igor was back in place.

The updated forecast for the weekend: Partly cloudy, low of 56, high of 73. Do you get the feeling that this isn't an exact science?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hey nephew good running Sunday and I go with the DD goal. I thought that you had mad a wrong turn somewhere and wound up in Green Bay, with the "Cheese Heads"
Uncle Not A.