Thursday, May 27, 2010

Got up. Went. Rode.

I went for a bike ride this morning. I figured that was a way to get in some exercise without putting any extra strain on my knee. I think that it worked out pretty well. I rode about 11 miles in about an hour, and my knee hasn't been bothering me much today. I'm still unsure whether to try to go for an easy run tomorrow.

The weather was cooler and less humid, which helped. The forecast for Sunday is now mostly sunny, high of 86, low of 62. Not good. But if the humidity isn't too high, I may just pull off a DD.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Let's go for a ride sometime! My state or yours?

Anonymous said...

Take it easy. We will be rooting for you on Sunday. Lots of love,

Grandma Jogger