Wednesday, September 06, 2006

RfP Wednesday -- The Dark Wind, by Tony Hillerman

Another Hillerman down. They really do go quite fast. They are easy reading, and interesting enough to keep you turning pages.

I don't think that this is my favorite of the ones that I've read so far, but it's still a darn good book, and a good mystery. As usual, Hillerman lays things out fairly, so when you finally catch the culprit, you think "Gee, I should have realized that a long time ago."

Hillerman also has a tendency to favor justice over law. Jim Chee doesn't always catch the bad guy and bring him in. In this one, he sort of lets things take their course, and the various bad guys eliminate each other. Then Chee smooths over the tracks and walks away.

I'm resisting starting the next one, The Ghostway. I expect that I will like it, but I don't want to rush into it. I want to savor it a little bit. It's also true that these last couple of days, right before school started, I haven't had the patience to start anything new, not even a Read for Pleasure.