Thursday, September 14, 2006

"So, have I missed anything....?"

My Calc II class meets on MTThF. We started on Sept 5, so today was our sixth class meeting. We have reviewed Calc I, and covered four sections in the book. We have already had two homework assignments graded and returned, and two "skill drills," which is one version of quizzes I'm giving this semester. Somebody showed up today for the first time. To her credit, she did not utter the title of this post.

Apparently, she had planned to transfer to another school, but that fell through. So she decided just to go here for another semester or two. I hope that she's bright. She's got a lot of catching up to do. I have plenty of students who have been in class every day who are struggling with the material.

Anyway, I did what I usually do for students who arrive on the scene late. I told her what we had covered, and what the assignments were. I gave her a grace period to get in the back assignments, but told her that I expected her to have all the new assignments in on time, including taking tomorrow's quiz. We'll see what she does. Either she'll get caught up pretty fast, or she'll get buried. I've seen students go both ways.

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