Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 627 -- Redwood Valley

Just beyond Calpella is the town of Redwood Valley, California. And this? This is Erin Vanderweker, standing in front of a driveway treated with PEP Spray-On Liquid Asphalt. Erin appears on their web page as one of several satisfied customers in the Redwood Valley area.

Well, today was a slow and easy day. I did just 3 miles, at a 10:20 pace, on the track. The reason that I went to the track is so the the first Little Jogger could come with me. She ran intervals -- running 200 yards, walking 200 yards -- while I ran miles. She wants to be a sprinter for the track team next year. She's got a way to go, but she's willing to get out of bed during the summer to practice, so that's a good sign.