Monday, June 23, 2008

Jogger and the Cubs

The Littlest Little Jogger has Cub Scout Day Camp this week, and I have volunteered to be a "walker". That is, I go with the boys from station to station, trying not to lose any of them in between. It's OK, except that when the adults running the stations lose control (which does happen), I'm supposed to keep the kids in line. Which can be a bit hard, because the only one I really know is the Little Jogger.

The other irritating thing is the song they made up. Each group has color and an Olympic sport, since this year's theme is the Olympics. So our group is the Green Lifters. To develop a group dynamic, they had us make up a song (well, a chant) and chant it going from station to station. Here is our official chant, which, believe me, is burned into my brain:
We are green and we lift weights.
Like the Hulk we're strong and green.
We're the best Cub Scouts you've ever seen.
We're the mighty Green Lifters.

You can't tell that it was writen by a committee of seven-year-olds, can you? Anyway, chant it to yourself a couple of dozen times, and you'll see that it can get on your nerves.

Anyway, we had a fun day. They boys had fun doing archery and shooting BB guns. Tomorrow, we're going swimming, and we ought to have a nice warm day for it.