Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 633 -- Cahto Rancheria

Just south of Laytonville is the Rancheria of the Cahto Tribe. The Cahtos, like a lot of small tribes, are dwindling fast. There are only about 250 people on the rancheria now, only 55 of whom are official Cahtos.

I didn't know the word "rancheria", but apparently it is
n. Southwestern U.S.
a. A Mexican herdsman's hut.
b. A village of these huts.
2. A rural Native American settlement.

(from the American Heritage Dictionary, via dictionary.com)

Today was another beautiful day to run in SW Wisconsin. I set out to do an easy 3, but actually ran about 3.6 before I stopped. I would happily have run more, but I'm trying to stick to my training schedule. I just wish I could bottle this weather, and release it an hour or two at a time throughout the summer. Of course, I'd have to save a bunch for the day of the marathon.

[Update: I guess this didn't publish yesterday because of a formatting error. Ooops. Apologies to those who were on tenterhooks waiting for the latest installment.]