Monday, June 02, 2008


USJogger turned into USBiker this morning. My marathon training program this summer has me cross-training on Mondays. I just bought a new bike, so I have decided to bike for my cross-training. Marathon training doesn't actually start until next week, but I figured I would go ahead and get in the habit.

I have a friend who actually bikes for exercise, so I asked him if he would take me with him this morning. It was fun to have someone to talk to, and I don't think that I held him back too much. We didn't go really far, although it sure seemed like it.

In fact, I got a double dose of exercise today. My friend didn't want to leave until 6:30, and I was up at about 5:00, like usual, so I dragged out my yoga tape and did 45 minutes of yoga before the bike ride. I'm trying to get back into yoga, because I need to stretch more. Of course, yoga isn't aerobic exercise. In fact, I think it must have helped with the biking, because I'm not as sore as I should be.