Sunday, March 08, 2009

Day 812 -- Opportunity, Montana

I'm past the exit for Opportunity, but it's such a cool name for a town, I couldn't resist it. This photo, which I stole from Stephen K. Little's pbase gallery, shows Opportunity and the Anaconda Stack. Anaconda is the next town up the road. I think that he's done some sort of special effect, but he doesn't say what.

It is still ugly weather here. It has continued to precipitate all day, but in the afternoon, the temperature dipped, so it turned from rain to freezing rain, sleet, and then snow. At least the indoor track was open. I got in 10 miles.

It took a good four miles to get over being mad at my stats class, whose papers I had been grading right before I went over. It's one thing when a class doesn't get something, but it's something else entirely when you stand in front of the class and say, "This question will be on the homework, and here's the answer," and they still don't get it. This class, as a group, just is not working very hard. Of course, some are doing fine, but a whole lot of them just aren't making the slightest effort. One otherwise good student missed class on Wednesday, so when he got to the questions on the homework that we covered on Wednesday, he just tried to B.S. his way through. No sign that he cracked the book, got anyone's notes, or anything. OK, I'm getting worked up again just writing about it. I'll stop.

In all the excitement of grading all day yesterday, I neglected to publicly wish Happy Birthday to the first Little Jogger. She turned 14 yesterday. Not that we saw much of her. She left at 5:30 am for the small group music ensemble. Her drum piece was in the afternoon, so she mostly sat around and watched other kids sing and toot and bang. She didn't get home until around 6 at night. We wished her all kinds of happy, but we didn't really celebrate.