Thursday, March 12, 2009

Days 814 and 815 -- Butte

The Metals Bank Building in Butte, Montana, thanks to the Western Mining History web site.

You may notice that there's no Jogger in the picture. I am posting from work, because I spent all evening yesterday moving stuff out of the kitchen, and I expect to spend all evening today moving stuff back in. We are getting new tiles. It should look great. The old linoleum is getting kind of worn down, so it's time for a change. We will also be replacing the carpet in the living room and the main hallway with hardwood. Just doing our part to stimulate the economy.

I ran at the gym the last two days, 5.3 miles each. Yesterday, I ran medium fast, and today, I ran pretty fast (by my standards, anyway.) It felt good after taking Tuesday off.