Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 830 -- More Gallatin National Forest

This little feller is actually from the web site for West Yellowstone Stores, and I'm a ways short of West Yellowstone, yet. But I don't know where this buffalo is roaming. So maybe he's near where I am, on US 287, somewhere between Cameron and Grayling.

I got in a good 12 miler today. We got a couple of inches of snow overnight, but by mid-afternoon, it had warmed up enough to melt most of the snow, and it was plenty warm enough to run outside. So I did. It was a good run, although I could feel myself getting slower and slower as the run wore on. Nonetheless, I finished in a decent time, and now I'm tired, but not dead. I've actually accomplished my goals for March. I've already run 26 days, and 177 miles. So I could take the next two days off. But I doubt that I'm going to.


Beth said...

Congrats on a great month of running! You really should put a coat on...