Friday, March 27, 2009

Days 827 and 828 -- Cameron

Behold, The Lodge at Sun Ranch, eco-living, Montana style. It is about the only eco resort anywhere that allows hunting. Maybe I've spent too much time in Wisconsin and Iowa, but I don't see that as a contradiction. Some of the best stewards of the planet that I know are hunters. They know what the balance of nature is all about, and they know that they need to keep it in balance, so that there are things to hunt. I think there's a good deal of difference between hunting a populous species, like deer or pheasants, and killing the last of the rhinos just for fun.

I did run yesterday, an easy five, but I didn't get a chance to blog it, because I gave an evening exam. I ran again today, almost seven more miles. Both mornings, it was cold, but not too windy, so it wasn't bad. I don't expect to be that lucky this weekend. I promised to be blustery tomorrow morning, and up to four inches of snow overnight on Saturday. Oh well. It won't do much to complain about it, I guess.