Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 831 -- Jogger's Progress

Time33 days, 3 hrs, 51 min
3 days, 5 hours, 41 mins

Day 831 was actually yesterday. I should have taken yesterday off, after a long run in the late afternoon on Sunday, but I didn't. So I was pretty beat last night, and didn't even set my alarm for this morning.

Even so, I passed my March goal by one day, and 10 miles. It was the most days I'd ever run in a month, and only 5.7 miles short of the most miles. I'm feeling good. (But if I had gotten up and run only 6 miles today, it would have been a new record for mileage, too!)

My goals for April: 22 days and 175 miles. I ran 21 days in April in both 2008 and 2007. In 2007, I ran 174.1 miles, a whopping 8.3 miles a day. I will be hard pressed to do that again this month. But hey, it's a challenge, right?

I also note that in the first three months of 2009, I'm only 31 miles short of 500. Since I will run longer in the summer, I have a decent shot at hitting 2000 miles in 2009. We'll see....