Friday, May 16, 2008


I came upstairs the other night, and Mrs. Jogger, whom I used to trust, was giving the medium Little Jogger and the littlest Little Jogger mohawks! Now they look like tiny little punk rockers:

The boys, of course, are pleased as punch with their new looks. They have taken their heads to school to show them off to all their friends. Oh, well, at least it will grow out. It's a few years before they start asking for tatoos.


Bob said...

Dear Nephew:
Your medium little jogger is almost a clone of his Grandfather at that age,even to the specs,Wow,talk about genes. Glad that you did well in your run. Love
Uncle Not A.

USJogger said...

In that case, I think he'd better enjoy having hair on the top of his head while he has the chance.

Bob said...

Amen to that of course with the present state of his hair I would say it the negative of his future look.
Uncle Not A.