Sunday, May 18, 2008


Results of the Green Bay Half Marathon have been posted. I was 1522nd, 872nd man, and 127th in my age group. I'm happy to report that I was the top finisher, male or female, from my home town, though. There was the only one finisher of each sex, and I was way ahead of her.

I don't know if anyone signed up for live updates using the bib number I posted. It turned out that they changed my number at the last minute, presumably because I changed races. I swear that when I looked up that number, it said I was in the Half. Anyway, it turned out that that number belonged to Amy Schoenberger, who finished in a respectable 3:58:15. I'm sure that that number was happy that she wore it, instead of me. I would have had it out on the course a whole lot longer. My actual bib number was 3135, in case you want to look me up now.