Monday, May 12, 2008

Day 609 -- Saualito

There are hundreds of hotels located around San Francisco Bay. There is, however, only one on it. That one is The Inn Above Tide, in Sausalito. Here's a better view, minus the Jogger.

I felt like I pushed it this morning, although it only turns to have been 5.2 miles. I need to take it easier for the rest of the week, if I'm going to have a good run on Sunday. No more than three miles on any run this week. Promise.

I had a good day, I guess. Mostly grading. I had my education students do course portfolios, gathering the writing for the semester, and summarizing what they have learned. They are interesting, but they take time to read. I want to get them graded and get them back to the students at the final. I don't want them hanging around my office for the rest of time.