Sunday, May 04, 2008

Day 603 - Vallejo

The Commodore Potts mansion in Vallejo. Someone named Dano bought it in 1972. The house was built in 1864, and had been through some hard times, but Dano fixed it up and won a California Architectural Heritage Society award for the most beautifully restored period home for 1975. Shortly thereafter, he sold it.

I ran ten miles this morning. It was very nice. It was just cool enough to be pleasant. I kept hoping that it will be exactly like this in Green Bay in two weeks. It warmed up to a beautiful afternoon. With the help of the oldest and newest Little Jogger, I put up a freestanding basketball hoop that we had bought yesterday, and the Little Joggers have been having fun shooting baskets. All in all, a good day, although I didn't get quite all the grading done that I meant to.