Thursday, May 15, 2008

Trick Question of the Day

From one of my students in the Math Ed course. I don't believe she knew it was a trick:
Twenty-four cookies need to be divided into groups of 6. How many in each group?

Do you see the trick? The first person to leave the correct answer in comments gets 1000 "Whose Line" points.


cousin jogger said...

Even a math impaired ditz like me knows the answer.

Addy N. said...

Is it because you didn't say whether the groups should be EQUAL in size or not??

Bob said...

Well nephew I guess that since there are groups of 6 to be divided, then the number in each group would be "6" unless a math prof. got into it and showed how it might be another number just having fun. Good post.
Uncle Not A.

USJogger said...

I think I have to give the thousand points to Uncle Not A. Too bad you didn't inherit his awesome ability at math, Cuz. (Or is it awesome ability at reading?)

Addy N. said...

Ha! I was reading it as "six groups" instead of "groups of six"! Silly me..