Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day 617 -- Santa Rosa

There's an artistic program that various communities have been doing versions of for the past five or ten years. You take a bunch of identical, plain objects, usually fiberglass. You distribute them to local artists, each of whom decorates their objects in some distinctive way. Then you plant these things around town. Presto! Local art. Des Moines did eggs. Madison did cows. Somebody around here did butterflies, but I'm not sure who. And Santa Rosa, California, home to Charles Shulz for more than 30 years, did Charlie Brown. Here's "Summer Treat" Charlie:

"Surf Chuck":

"High Definition Charlie Brown":

And "University of Michigan Old-Timer":

These are my four favorites, but there are fifty-one more. Hat tip to Dave's Travel Corner, where I saw my first Charlie.

I ran nine and a half miles this morning. It was hard, but I didn't push my pace at all. I got home, and the rest of the household was just arising. Slug-a-beds!