Thursday, October 02, 2008

Day 705 -- Bridal Veil

Behind me, you can see Bridal Veil Falls, for which the town of Bridal Veil, Oregon, is named. According to the wikipedia page on Bridal Veil, it is a former logging company town, with practically nothing left. However, it is kept going by the postmark. Apparently, thousands of couples with way too much money on their hands send their wedding invitation to Bridal Veil to go out. (Falls picture from Richard and Cindy Krause at Flikr.)

I ran eight miles today. It was a pace run, but I didn't quite hold my pace. I don't think it was a physical problem so much as a problem of concentration. I kept thinking about classes and grading and what all I had to get done, and I'd find myself slacking off the pace a little.

It was cold this morning. There was frost on some of the cars, and even in places on the grass. I wore long sleeves but short pants. Pretty soon, it's going to be two layers. But not yet.


Joe said...

Yeah, I'm dreading the cold here. Is that bad?