Saturday, October 04, 2008

Days 706 and 707 -- Beacon Rock

I'm currently running along the Oregon side of the Columbia River. I won't cross over into Washington for quite a while, yet, but I thought I'd look across to Beacon Rock. According to Felix Wong (from whom this photo is lifted), Beacon Rock is the second larges monolith in the world, after the Rock of Gibraltar. Since I won't be running to Gibraltar any time soon, this is likely the largest monolith you'll ever see me in front of.

The reason that I didn't post yesterday is that I am out of town. The Midwest History of Math Conference is in La Crosse this year. (I'm sure that you knew that. All the networks covered it.) So I drove up here to La Crosse yesterday morning, and spent all afternoon in talks. They were pretty good for the most part. The keynote speaker, after supper, was especially good, which is satisfying. I got back to the hotel late last night and popped into bed.

I got up early this morning and ran through the streets of La Crosse. It was nice, if a bit foggy. Since I didn't want to get lost, I didn't try to explore. I just ran down the major thoroughfare on which my hotel sits, then turned around and ran back up.

This morning, there are more history of math talks, then I'm driving even further up state to give a talk of my own at a meeting for young mathematicians. I was a member of this group when I was a young mathematician, and they have invited me back to give my sage advice. I'll have to develop some sage advice between now and then.