Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 718 -- Blalock Canyon

Mapquest shows the town of Blalock on the road between Rufus and Arlington, but according to, Blalock has been underwater since they built the John Day Dam near Rufus. I can't find anything to contradict that, nor can I find any pictures of Blalock, so I thought that I would settle for this photos of Blalock Canyon, which I got from Eli's Blog. Presumably, if Blalock is under the river, it's at the bottom of Blalock Canyon.

I thought I'd also put myself in the foreground, so you could get a good look at my new shirt.

I managed five miles today. It was windy, and the wind was mostly in my face the second half of the run. But it has gotten much more windy this afternoon. There's actually a wind advisory out. I may or may not run tomorrow, depending on the weather. Isn't that great? Since I'm not training for anything, I don't have to run if I don't feel like it!


Joe said...

Love the new photo! Never had to deal with a wind advisory before.