Friday, October 31, 2008

Day 720 -- Jogger's Progress

Time27 days, 22 hrs, 42 min
10 days, 3 hrs, 47 mins

Well, I did get out and run today. I even picked up the pace a little, and ran 4.6 miles in 46 minutes. It felt really good. I've been tired and cranky lately, and I think at least part of it is lack of exercise. I want to get back in the habit of getting out nearly every day.

It's been a fairly easy month, except for that one day. Sixteen days ties last December for the lowest number of days run in a month, and 103 miles is my lowest total since February. But of course, there was a marathon in there, which means it was hardly a slack month. I'll try to get out more days and put in more miles in November. And I expect to be running into Washington this month, adding another state to the total.