Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 713 -- Chenoweth

From Bryan's Picassa Web Album, a random rock on a random ridgeline near Chenoweth. Sorry that I haven't had any good, imaginative locations lately. It's partly the part of the country that I'm running through (although heaven knows it's not as bad as Western Nebraska) and partly that I've been pretty busy. Tonight is actually the first night in a while that I'm not even trying to get any schoolwork done.

I did run an easy three this morning. (This was my shortest run since July 15th.) A cold front came through last night, and it was a nice, cool fall morning. Weather.com is still calling for partly cloudy and cool in Des Moines on Saturday. Their predicted low keeps creeping up, though. It was about 45, and now it's up to 50. I guess I should be grateful if it's not as warm as it was last weekend.

Speaking of the weather, I just have to share this one. I stopped in to the Thrift Store the other day to grab a cheap sweatshirt in case it's cold on Sunday morning. For $1.75, I can get a sweatshirt that I don't care about, wear it long enough to keep me warm while I'm standing around, and then ditch it when we get going. Lots of people do it. Lots of marathons even have a program where they pick up all the lost clothing and donate it to Goodwill or whoever. (I don't know for a fact whether the Des Moines Marathon does this.)

Anyway, I just grabbed something in my size. It has Duck Unlimited on the front, which is fine. They are a big conservation organization, and they were doing it long before it was fashionable. But as I say, I wasn't looking for anything in particular. I got it home, and went to take off the price tag, and I noticed the clothing line that manufactured it:

Now that's funny! The only problem is, now I'm not sure that I want to ditch it!