Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The Photographer has sent pictures! I guess she sent them already Sunday night, but the Internet ate them. She sent a lot, but I picked out a few that tell the story of the race pretty well.

This is the very beginning of the race. Look how cheery I am! I am going to have a great day. I'll probably run two marathons, or three!

This is the stadium, at mile 12. Still looking pretty happy. (This shot also has a few of my pace group friends. Just to my left, in the black, is Christopher. It was his first marathon. I can't remember who the woman in front of him is. To her left, in the red shorts, is Rosella, a Drake student originally from St. Louis. This was her second marathon, both in Des Moines. To her left, number 1791, is Sara. She does some sort of clerical work in Iowa City. This was her first marathon.)

OK, this is getting along there. I'm not sure how far, but you can see that I'm visibly sagging.

This is right at the end. My head is down. I'm just pounding out the steps. You can see the 5:00 pace group behind me.

Here I am after, with Mrs. J. Starting to smile. A little.

A few not me photos. Here is Grandma Jogger and the littlest Little Jogger, and the signs that they made.

These are not my dogs. They are not any relation to me. But they support me anyway. Isn't that great!