Thursday, October 16, 2008


  • No running today. The schedule had a day off, and I took a day off. I slept in a little, but didn't sleep that well, overall.
  • I did bike to work. I met a friend in passing, and, just to say something, said something about the beautiful weather. He said yeah, but he wasn't happy about having to scrape the frost of his car this morning. I said that if he had ridden his bike, he wouldn't have that problem. I got to feel smugly superior. Ha!
  • I also went to my yoga class in the evening. It was just a six-week class, and I missed three of them. This was the last one. When we went into the final relaxation pose at the end (our instructor calls it the "corpse pose," which is graphic, if a bit macabre) the woman to my right started snoring. I swear!
  • Tomorrow is our one-day Fall Break at the University. We're going to grab the kids out of school at noon and head on down to Grandma Jogger's house. It will be nice to have a visit, although I will have to bring some grading with me. Of course.
  • I'm getting uptight about the marathon. I have the impression of having dreamt about it the last two nights, but I can't recall any details of the dreams. Probably just as well. I know that I'll be fine, but it seems like forever since I've had a good long run.